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SAI's Top 15 Frequently Asked Questions

1) Can my surfaces be repaired?

Generally, yes. Because most surfaces are so resilient, they can almost always be repaired. Occasionally, if the damage is severe and extensive enough, then replacement may be a more cost-effective option. If the repair would cost more than a replacement, then we will advise you honestly regarding your options and their relative costs such that you can make an informed decision on how to proceed with your project. Either way, we can help you get it done.

2) How long do repairs usually take?

Each repair situation is unique, every type of surface is different, and even the material color can have an impact on the repair process. Some countertop repairs may take just a couple of hours and others are full day jobs. Should your repair prove to be extremely complex, our repair technicians may even need to work into the early evening hours in order to properly complete the work. Whenever possible, please schedule your repair appointment for a day when the job can be worked on until satisfactorily completed without a time constraint or a need for the additional cost of a return visit.

3) Do you need to come to my home or office to give me an estimate?
    Is there a charge for the estimate?

In many cases, a home visit is not necessarily required to assess your repair needs and the subsequent pricing. In some cases, however, we may need to come to your home and view the situation first hand in order to give you an accurate and cost-free estimate. If you desire an in-depth professional consultation of your options, full documentation of the issue or other experienced, technical assistance, those services are also available at industry competitive rates.

4) I'm not really sure what kind of surface it is. Can you still repair it?

Yes, in most instances. This is especially true if you have extra, color matched material. This means a piece of material such as a cutting board, heat trivet, or sink cut out that was retained from the original installation. Our technicians are hand-trained to work on most surfaces.

5) Is my repair covered under a warranty?

Almost all major surface manufacturers currently offer a 10 year limited warranty, and a few offer a 15 year limited warranty. The manufacturer of your surface material can provide you with complete details, and our Web site has hyperlinks to some of the major manufacturers for your convenience. Almost NO Granite, Marble, and Natural Stone is covered by any warranty of any kind other than the workmanship and material warranties that may be required for contractors by the government of your state of residence.

6) Will the repair process make a mess?

Surface repairs often create dust, but we utilize state-of-the-art equipment to control and collect it as we work. Our equipment and power tools have dust retraction features that trap and canister dust before it takes to the air. Obviously, some homeowners are more sensitive to dust and fume than others, so feel free to discuss your questions or concerns with your Surface Authority agent, and we will take additional measures whenever necessary. We will always clean up the work area completely when we are finished with your repair project.

7) Will I need to be present while the SAI technician is on the job?

Not necessarily. Often, our customers leave to run errands, attend appointments, or even go to work while we are performing repair services. We would prefer to meet you when we arrive for our pre-established repair appointment so that we may review the issue with you, and so you may approve the performance of the work and the associated pricing. Your presence is required upon completion, so that you can approve the repair and our cleanup. Your complete satisfaction is our main goal.

8) Will I see the repair once it has been completed?

We, at Surface Authority, Inc., promise to provide a dramatic overall improvement in the appearance of your surfacing. We use the finest tools and techniques the industry has to offer. As all materials and issues are different, the visibility may differ accordingly. However, our repairs are largely inconspicuous (or very close to invisible) the vast majority of the time, although that may be somewhat dependent upon the material type and color as well as the lighting or reflection exposure to the affected area.

9) Who will perform the work? Are they qualified? Are they insured?

All work on the surface material is performed by certified and hand-trained technicians. NSR Associates are required to carry all necessary licensing, insurances, and bonding at all times. It is always appropriate to ask for proof of licensing and insurance coverage(s) before work is performed if you so wish.

Occasionally we may coordinate our work with other trade professionals, such as plumbers, who are not our employees. For example, when replacing a solid surface sink, we may make arrangements with an outside licensed, insured plumber and may include the cost of this incidental plumbing work (disconnecting and reconnecting your existing sink plumbing) in our estimate.
Please be aware that plumbing parts may deteriorate over time and will not be physically capable of being removed and reinstalled.If any plumbing parts must be replaced, it may be necessary to pay for the extra parts and labor required as those repair services will not be included in scope of the repair work, unless that is previously specified in the estimate.

10) Should I have the original installer make the repair?

We don't recommend this. Repairing countertop surfaces successfully requires different skills and equipment than installing them does. Surface Authority technicians who have completed hundreds of challenging projects will virtually always do a much better job for you than a countertop installer who may only handle the occasional repair. In fact, many installation companies will refer repair work to our network associates because of our expertise and extensive experience working directly with these types of restorations.

11) How can I schedule a repair appointment?

You can reach us via e-mail, fax, or by phone. If travel to your home is a long distance, we may want to coordinate your repairs with other repair work for customers near you to help save us gas and you money.
Normally, we will schedule and keep a repair appointment window with you, usually 1-2 hours in length, but our specific time of arrival may depend on traffic conditions and previous appointments. That said, we recognize that your time is valuable, and we make every effort to be punctual or to keep you informed if we are running late. Your repair, too, will receive all the attention it requires for resolution before we move on to our next customer.

12) How should I prepare for a repair appointment?

Please be sure to clear all items off of the counters and any open shelves that are within 10 feet of the damage. If we will be re-finishing your countertops that day, please clear the counters off completely. You'll also want to completely empty the cabinets beneath any damaged areas, and from any adjoining cabinets that are within three feet. Empty your dishwasher if it is located within three feet of the damage as well. Following these basic steps will help protect your belongings while allowing us to work more efficiently. They also assist your SAI repair tech with dust control and cleanup after the repair work is done.

13) What about my pets and children?

Due to insurance guidelines, we must insist that you keep pets and small children away from the work area while we are on the job. We may need to go in and out of your home repeatedly during the course of a repair, so pets should be properly confined to prevent escape and small children should be supervised. As you may expect, our tools and vacuums do make some noises that could possibly frighten some small children and different types of pets.

14) How can I prevent my countertop from being damaged again?

Most problems that arise with coolers, waffle irons, electric griddles or other high temperature portable appliances directly on top of your countertop surfaces. Even appliances that are elevated on legs do not always provide adequate protection, as they can still radiate enough heat downward toward the surface of the countertop to possibly cause damage. Always remember tountertop surfaces are due to improper installation, exposure to excessive heat, or some type of impact or force trauma. While we will strive to resolve whatever contributing issues we find during your appointment, you must follow your manufacturer’s care and maintenance recommendations to the letter to help ensure many years of trouble-free service. The few simple precautions listed therein can go a long way in helping prevent future damage and possible future repair or restoration expense.

NEVER use electric crock pots, fry pans, or deep fryers, etc. Place such appliances onto a solid trivet that is larger than the appliance and that has rubber or plastic feet on it that are at least ¼” tall. The solid barrier and air gap beneath will assist in protecting the countertop from heat damage. Residential toasters and coffeemakers do not generally produce enough heat to cause damage. If you are in doubt, move the appliance and carefully check the countertop by hand. If it is too warm to comfortably press and hold your hand on the counter, it should be protected more thoroughly. Please, be careful not to burn yourself when performing this simple test.

NEVER set a hot pan or pot directly onto your countertop or into your solid surface sink! NEVER store large amounts of ice or pour boiling water into a solid surface sink without running tepid water into the sink simultaneously. Stress from the rapid expansion or contraction from excessive heating and cooling can cause cracks in the sink. This condition is commonly referred to as “crazing” and can not be reversed once it has started. A “crazed” sink will exclusively have to be replaced and some manufacturers no longer cover sink “crazing” under their latest warranty guidelines.

NEVER allow a hot pot or pan on your stove to overhang onto your countertop, or to come any closer than two or three inches from a solid surface backsplash if it is possible to avoid it. Use your vent fan when cooking whenever possible, as the flow of air will help prevent excessive heat exposure to your countertop. With high BTU stoves or burners (especially gas), refrain from using the maximum burner setting for prolonged periods of time. When your pan has reached the proper temperature, remember to reduce the heat to the lowest level to reasonably maintain the desired cooking temperature.

15) How much do repairs and re-finishing cost?

As every job is unique, it is impossible to say exactly what it will cost to completely resolve the issue. However, in most cases, the cost to repair and re-finish your top will be fraction of what it would cost to replace it. Plus, we all get to GO GREEN by restoring instead of destroying your countertops. We pride our selves on top-notch workmanship at a fair and reasonable cost. E-mail or call us today to find your solution!

corian, repair, granite, countertops, solid surface

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