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Why SAIcorian, repair, granite, countertops, solid surface


Surface Authority has been the "go-to" company for the repair and restoration of countertop and bath enclosure surfaces for many years now. Twenty-five years of experience help guide our technicians through the most difficult repairs with ease. We specialize in problem resolution and complete refurbishment services. Equipped with the most advanced machinery and methods, SAI not only finds and cures the problem, we research and eliminate the cause whenever possible to ensure that the problem does not return, ever. We strive to make sure you will be just as happy with our work years down the road as you were when we completed it. Our current record of literally thousands of successfully completed projects with happy customers make it is easy to see why referrals and professional associations are still some of our primary sources of new business. Let's face it, when you find good help, you keep it!


corian, repair, granite, countertops, solid surfaceAll Surface Authority technicians are hand-picked and in-house trained. We never stop researching and developing new methods with which to best address the issues that ultimately lead to product failures. All that expertise is at your disposal when you contract our services, every time! We have been trained and certified by all major manufacturers of solid surfacing material, and have spent hundreds of hours perfecting our stone and quartz restoration methods. Every material is different, every manufacturer is different, and every color is different in some way. That why it is imperative that we have the ability to properly read the prevailing conditions and the talent to adapt our efforts to the particular circumstances surrounding your problem. SAI will get your problem solved and your surfaces fixed the right way, the first time. Guaranteed!


With mobile phone, mobile text, and mobile web access, our trucks are equipped with many ways to maintain our superior reliability. The appointment we make is the appointment we keep! Surface Authority prides itself on keeping up with the simple notion that your time is as valuable as ours. Once your appointment window is established, we will strive to great lengths to keep that window. If, for any reason, we are running late or can see that there may be an issue with our show up time, we promise to contact you immediately so that we keep you informed and can adjust the schedule accordingly if necessary. Your repair, too, will always receive the full attention it requires to be properly and totally completed before we move on to the next customer. We also offer evening, weekend and night appointments to accommodate the most rigorous of schedules.


SAI maintains all necessary or customary insurances, licenses, permits, and bonding at all times. As we often work with government bodies, large corporations, hotels, and high-end residences, it is important to us to make sure that our customers are at ease regarding risk when utilizing our services. All of our people are in-house employees that are in this country legally. They all speak Englishcorian, repair, granite, countertops, solid surface and are all covered by not only our Workman's Compensation Insurance, but also by general liability and automotive liability policies. We proudly maintain an exemplary safety record, and a blemish-free record with the Contractor's State Licensing Board. SAI is a proud member of the International Solid Surface Fabricators Association, the Better Business Bureau, the Nationwide Surface Repair Alliance, and numerous California Chambers of Commerce.


One of the finest features of repairing and restoring your solid surface or stone countertop or bath enclosure is the cost benefit. While often situations are completely unique and each project is different, it is virtually always far less expensive to fix your surface than it would be to replace it.corian, repair, granite, countertops, solid surfaceIt's also always far less trouble and inconvenience. We all know how projects can go. They seem simple enough when they start but, by the time everything is torn out and all is said and done, they wind up being far more time consuming and expensive than they set out to be. So avoid the delays and expense of replacement, give us a call and refurbish your surfaces instead. It protects your investment, and your wallet! Be sure to ask about our multiple service and referral discounts because, combined with our already competitive rates, the savings can really start adding up!

corian, repair, granite, countertops, solid surface

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